About our history

Our firm was estabilished in 1973 with the purpose to produce metal ball pens and in particular way, the 4-colour ball pen. As a matter of fact, at the beginning our production was dedicated mainly at this article which has had a very large diffusion all over the world, and is produced in small quantities even nowadays.
Some years later we started to produce pens with metal and plastic parts. Conjugating quality and prices in correct manner, our firm has meet moments of great axpansion and appreciation on the market. When we realized the necessity to amplify further our producing program, we decided to face the plastic sector.
After a period of studies, planning and experiences, have we now an assortiment of valid and interesting items.
Good quality, fair prices, short delivery-terms, seriousness of our staff are on the base of our work, and it is our aim, to keep the same continuosly in expansion phase.

Seven Pens